Welcome to the world of Little Seeds Big Trees - Art Therapy for Kids. My name is Shoshi Jacobs and in 2009 after completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts at Monash University and Diploma of Art Therapy at The Phoenix Institute in Melbourne Australia, I recognised that there was a need to develop a practice to ensure that children are able to express themselves creatively and in doing so they have a voice and they are valued.

I worked in kindergartens for a few years before creating Little Seeds Big Trees - Art Therapy for Kids, a place where children can be themselves and express themselves through art. Little Seeds Big Trees is not about conventional art classes for children BUT it is about children finding ways to articulate their world in a variety of artistic mediums. Even kindergarten children have to deal with issues of self esteem. As they grow up in an ever changing complex world, Little Seeds Big Treeis gentle reminder of the endless possibilities that come with feeling good about oneself. 

Actually, it all takes place in my living room that looks out onto an enclosed garden. Within a magical and homely environment, children are encouraged to express themselves artistically. Imaginary play is also included, with the use of puppets, games and music. In a creative workshop setting, visual imagery and movement will enable children to develop lateral thinking as well as emotional intelligence. Children can express their feelings both verbally and non verbally through the combination of various artistic modalities. In a comfortable and relaxed space the emphasis is on the unique experiences and wishes of each individual child. It is through art that knowledge is exchanged and creativity and innovation are nurtured. 

Bachelor of Visual Arts 
Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy
Certificate in Sandplay and Symbol Work with Children, Adolescents and Adults 


"Art is the language of the soul"