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Individual Sessions

Individual Session (1hour) - tailored to your child's needs. Sessions are focused on building imagination, articulating feelings through a range of creative mediums such as painting, drawing, clay work, collage and more...

Art Therapy
On going weekly sessions.
Price: $95 per hourly session.
For more information about Art Therapy Click Here.

Sandplay Therapy
A minimum of 6 weekly sessions.*
Incorporates a few drawing processes.
Price: $95 per hourly session.
For more information about Sandplay Therapy Click Here.

Mixed Modalities
Includes an integrative approach where Art and Sandplay Therapy are explored throughout various sessions; both therapies are either experienced separately or together, depending on how the session unfolds.These combined sessions are provided in order to give children the opportunity to explore both mediums thoroughly

Price: $95 per hourly session

Other payment option : First 6 sessions for a total of $540 when pre paid.

*Fortnightly sessions are subject to availability.

2020 Group Sessions

Group Sessions (1hour) - Your child will be communicating individual creativity while connecting with the same group of children on a weekly basis. This will give them the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and most importantly, express their uniqueness with one another. The goal is to build confidence in participating, co-operating and functioning within a group setting.


  True You

It takes courage to connect. It takes confidence to create.


Little Seeds Big Trees is spreading its branches and has created a new program 'TRUE YOU' that is focused on Group work.

True you is a program that takes place over 7 sessions. During this time we will provide children with patience and nurturing, enabling them to feel confident with their choices and free with their expression.

Through a series of creative activities, children will be encouraged to explore their uniqueness and share this with others. Our activities are in the area of art, music and moment. They have been designed to connect children to their inner world filling them with fun, imagination, possibility and acceptance.

Even though lots of our programs have therapeutic benefits, True You is not to be used in place of therapy but rather as a creative outlet for kids to create magic and find meaning.

Ultimately this program is about FUN!


Date commencing: January 

Weekly 1 hr session

$420 payment upfront


Minimum 5 kids to run program
Maximum 10 kids (Book now!)


To save your child a spot please book below or send an email to shoshi@littleseedsbigtrees.com.au


We like to keep our groups small so we can give your children the attention they deserve!



Take a look at the Gallery, you will be able to see some of the art work that children have created in past programs!


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